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My 2017 10th gen Civic has now developed a squeaky clutch pedal. The car had only done 24,000 when I bought it from a local non Honda dealer in April this year. When I took the car for a test drive the squeak was not there. If it had been, I would have asked them to fix it for me before agreeing to purchase it. They say that the issue is not covered by their warranty as it's not mechanical and the car can still be driven ok. To be fair they've dealt with and fixed a couple of other issues I've had without any quibble.

I've read on Civic forums that white lithium grease applied to the clutch link may help? I've tried spraying WD40 on the linkage and it solves the squeak for a couple of weeks but then it reappears. I understand that this is not the solution. It's only squeaking spasmodically and not all the time and only when I lift my foot off the pedal and when there's a load applied to the pedal from the clutch. It's worse when it's damp. I don't think it's the spring as it would squeak when I pressed down on the pedal.

This is now the THIRD Civic that I've owned and have had this problem with (also 6th and 8th gen cars) over 20 years!! I can't believe my luck! I understand that this is a common problem with Honda Civics and this has been confirmed by a couple of independent garages. You would have thought that Honda's engineers would have resolved this problem by now! Honda UK HQ customer service of course denied there's a problem when I contacted them. However they did hint that they could possibly deal with it as a goodwill gesture when I explained my history of squeaky clutch problems.

Unfortunately it's just outside the 3 year warranty period and my local Honda dealer wants £114 just to look at it!! Apparently they call it a "diagnostics" check! Before I go along and fork out this amount of money for them to turn around and say "yep you've got a squeaky clutch pedal there and it'll now cost you another £500 for us to fix it for you" does anyone know of any possible solutions.

Many thanks for any help given.


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