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Steering Issue?

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My Hatchback is very new, less than 30 miles, so I'm just getting used to it. I just wonder about the steering. It seems drastically different at slow speeds making tight turns like getting into a parking space. Is this a normal thing due to the electronic variable steering?
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You know, I just drove it again and I think it was just a matter of unfamiliarity. I normally drive a bigger older car and the handling is just very different. I guess that what I was noticing was that the steering was so much easier on tight maneuvers that it just felt wrong. I expect a bit more resistance making a sharp turn, but this car actually seems to diminish resistance.
Yes, and you will get use to it. Some call it variable steering some call it speed sensitive steering and it seems that there is a little to much response (over-steer) at low speeds or at least when decelerating and making a sharp turn. I saw it the most when parking at work, we have to back into our spots, it's a large parking lot with lots of room between rows so I approach at about 25kmph break and turn at the same time then back strait in, the first 10 times I did this the car would turn to sharp and I would saw on the steering wheel to get back where I wanted it.
Thanks. That makes sense. I'm glad it wasn't just that I was paranoid. I really like this car.
I am concerned about the steering in my 2017 LX. There seems to be no variation in the amount of power steering assist. It seems like it's full power all the time, which makes it too touchy (too easy to turn the steering wheel) at highway speeds. I have to concentrate intensely when I'm in traffic on the highway to keep it within the lane lines. Is there any adjustment or fix for something like this? Do these Civics actually have electronically variable power steering? Is it just characteristic of the Civic LX or is my car maybe a little off-kilter? I have just over 1000 miles on it, so am still getting used to it, but this doesn't seem quite right. Love the car otherwise! Thanks for any input!
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