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Sub rattle fix

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A lot of people are having problems with the sub rattling in the back deck. I just took out the whole back deck and added some sound insulation and foam. I have linked a youtube video.

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Great rattle fix video. Heard one dealership try out the foam method too and it seems to be the easiest fix right now.
What's next on your DiY list?
Thanks for the video... I really wanted to know how involved the complete removal of the rear deck is.... I'm gonna wait until its a bit warmer out in our area.
Thanks for the video. It was very interesting. That being said, I think I'll leave it to Honda to fix. That's a lot of time and effort!
Has anyone that has worked on this rattle then had the issue of hd going in and out and stations at times r fuzzy? Dealership worked on speaker rattle and done hard reset but now the above is my issue?
Seems like they messed up somewhere when your dealership performed the hard reset because that sounds like a system problem.
I Cant get dealerships to do squat... they havent fixed my speaker rattle-said they did but only put a little foam tape there-messed up my HD in the process. i havent felt the cvt surging lately so hard reset must b buying me time til they do software/hardware update. The ones trying to or NOT trying to fix r my 2 local dealerships... i have contacted honda corp.
Any luck after you contacted Honda Corp? I have the same problem.
Took my car to 3 service centers already. All say that its a normal thing and i should not expect too much as the speakers are of cheap quality.
Tried to get in touch with Honda, but no luck.
Any suggestions??
I took my car back to the dealer yesterday for the sub rattle fix. The service foreman said the most effective fix involved wedging a thick piece of foam in the center of the deck to put pressure on the plastic shelf. They also wedged foam between the third brake light above and below it, and placed foam under all the cables that run through all the cut out holes in the back deck. They told me they had to remove the seat back and seat bottom of the rear seat and they removed the entire package shelf. They placed felt tape all over the edges of the shelf.

The rattle is 90% gone. The funny thing is that the stereo doesn't sound as loud without the obnoxious shelf vibration. But it is sublimely clear and powerful.

In the last three Honda leases I've had, Best Buy installed component speakers in the front and back, an Alpine R-12 subwoofer in the trunk, all powered by huge amplifiers.

This new Civic stereo sounds good enough to stay stock. I'm so happy to have my trunk back.
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Thanks for letting us know exactly what your dealer did. Now others can tell their own dealers what to do if they get the "there's nothing we can do" answer.
UPDATE: A few days after the service appointment, I am still noticing the sub rattle, but overall about 80-90% less than from factory. I'm going to investigate some myself this weekend and either attempt to isolate and fix it myself or return to the dealer next week.
Maybe it needs a bit more foam to make sure it's not loose at all?
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