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as you would expect from a technology publication they're far more into the gizmos then the car itself...


I particularly liked the touchscreen on the Civic's new in-dash infotainment system, a matte finish that looks like it should resist fingerprints. This system is similar to that found in the new Honda Accord, and supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Honda incorporate Garmin navigation software in this unit, which includes live traffic information and really nice-looking maps. The only thing I didn't see native in the head unit was online destination search, but support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto takes care of that feature.

One oddity, with an iPhone plugged into the Civic's USB port, choosing the Audio menu on the homescreen immediately launched me into Apple CarPlay. To see the Civic's own support for iOS music integration, I had to dig into the audio sources menu in the native system.

The combination of the native infotainment and this deep Android and iOS smartphone integration gives the Civic excellent dashboard electronics. Among the Civic's trim levels, you will need the EX trim or above, one up from the bottom LX trim, to get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
Reviews like this one go a LONG way towards conquest sales IMO...
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