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Hi... I have a '15 SI w/20500 miles and test drove a couple '18 SIs.

Looking at the pricing in my area (Jax, FL) I was looking to shoot for an SI at around 23700 w/summer tires. I already have a phone offer of 23500 on ASs, so that'd put me at 23700 w/summer as I told them I would just get one w/no dealer add-ons off the truck. Still have to look and see if I can do a bit better. The dealer I was physically at today (was doing warranty work on my Odyssey) and drove one wasn't very aggressive at all w/pricing (They were stuck on the sticker + 1600 in dealer add-ons... something like 27k) and offered a low ball 14200 for the '15. I'm seeing more like 16700 median on KBB for good and 17100 for VG. I'd lean more towards good based on some paint chips and a little wear and tear w/floor mats, etc. I managed to get one of the last '15s for, like 21900 before tax and didn't figure I'd keep it long, so I worked out a decent deal at the time, hoping I wouldn't lose my butt on a trade. I'll have to let the phone offer place appraise my '15 and see how that goes. I'll private party sell my '15 before I give it away on a trade.

Some things I noticed on the test drive. The first car we looked at was an '18 and it only have a double digit miles, but it's tranny felt shot. Like, bad syncros in 1-3... you have to really put some effort in it to shift. Do you have to cherry pick a 10th gen to get a good tranny? Seems kind of crazy. My wife and I have had an RSX Type-S, our current Civic and then tried this one out and it's transmission was garbage. We drove a second one that was what I expected, but it left me shaken they'd accept it at the dealer and not tell the guy unloading it to put it back on the truck and sent it back to the factory.

Second, as to suspension: I haven't found part numbers to replace the OEM suspension. I've had some Caddies and a bunch of Zs with some higher end (ie expensive) suspension. I still have a '94 300zx twin turbo that's a garage queen and replacing the OEM adjustable dampers ran me around ~350 a corner for parts, as I recall. All I can find is the Type R that looks to be around $500 through Honda and about 25% off online. Do those prices jive... if there's anyone who's had warranty work to have them replaced?

As great as adjustable dampers are... their price for replacement is always... exciting. Adjustable dampers as always been a bit gimmicky to me... but w/am SI, there's no choice and I don't want to give up with powertrain as it sits or LSD to do to a Sport.

Anyways, any info is appreciated. Anyone in the Jacksonville, Brunswick, St. Augustine area who has a good dealer experience (or bad) I'd love to hear from you.
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