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If you've got a 10th you've probably heard of the issues it has: no cold air on the driver side. Honda's TSB says condenser leaks due to pinholes that exist due to improper manufacturing.

Now, I hear some people are getting them replaced, others not. But EVEN when some people get a new condenser from Honda...the problem sometimes comes back.

So I'm looking for a more permanent solution. Is it possible, has anyone tried using an AC "stop leak" product with any success?

I figure plugging up the leak may be a better long term solution IMO, as sad as that is, but the good news is, it may very well work.

Can anyone report as to whether they've gone this route? I hear of many people replacing condensors and compressors too (after they fail or leak), only to have the problem come back again.

Don't want to sell this car, it's otherwise great! We will find a solution to this!
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