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Tire Pressure Warning

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Has anyone had any issues with the tire pressure warning light on their civic? I have the Hatchback Sport with only about 2500 miles on it and for the 3rd time this week the warning light came on. First time I went to the dealer the psi was at 50, which is way too high, should be at 35 and they tried to say someone must have inflated it other than me which is absurd, second time went back and they were all fine and it just popped up again today on my way to NYC. Hopefully I'm not alone with this!
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Same happened to me other than I have much fewer miles. Begin re-calibration and then had to drive for 30 mins or so for it to establish it's baseline. Once that is done, it should be good to go.
What he said, working so far after 100+ miles.
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