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After 2 & 1/2 years and nearly 34,000 miles I'm shopping for tires to replace the original Goodyears. I've been autocrossing several times each summer and have been tempted to go with some softer compound "summer" tires but as you can see from my mileage I drive a lot and while it certainly would improve my times, I just don't want to keep replacing tires and I don't want to dedicate the money (or the storage space) to get an extra set of tires and wheels for six or so days a year.

I've had great luck with Falkens, and they offer a Ziex for the Si. Also Yokohama offers an Avid Envigor which is also a run-flat (I've had two flats, and the compressor/glue bottle is worthless with even a small puncture)


Thanking you in advance,

The Old Man
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