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Told to turn off surround sound??? for popping noise

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Our new Civic Touring had the intermittent popping noise like many others. I had it in twice for software updates. After the second update I was told to turn off the surround sound and only use it with USB items, not the radio. Honda said this was causing the popping noise. I researched the manual and online and found nothing. They first led me to believe this was a temp fix until they solved the problem. I was pushing for a new amp like others got. Now they say don't use the surround unless I use it with a USB item. How crazy is that? I can't live with this excuse. Anyone else told anything similar? Why have surround if you can't use it? The system doesn't sound nearly as good.
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Is it a loose rattling sound in the back speakers in a bass heavy song? Or this could be a new audio problem.
I find their request unreasonable and a breech of contract. Tell them to fix it.
That is completely unreasonable. Basically telling me to stop using certain functions that are supposed to work but don't because they don't want to fix it. Ridiculous
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