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Touch screen protection

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Hey all, I know this might not be a popular topic for some, but I'm a pretty avid user of screen protectors for my gadgets. This is the first time I've had a touch screen in a vehicle, and figured I would try and find a screen protector that preserves the longevity of the screen (I have kids). I recently went searching on amazon and found a product from ScreenPatronus. I ordered it, and upon receiving it, I'm pretty disappointed. The protector didn't come with any alcohol wipes, or any plastic card device to push out air bubbles. Also, the actual laser cut of the protector didn't match the exact contour of the screen. Currently returning the item to the vendor. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on this product, don't waste your money. Considering just not putting one on at all after trying this one out :|
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You could just buy those generic tablet protectors and cut it to size. I assume if it's good enough for a tablet it's good enough for the infotainment screen unless your kids try to scrape it with something very pointy.
Photodon makes a pretty nice product

Just ordered it. Was wondering where to find one as well. Thanks for that link!
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