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Trailer wiring harness, coupe vs hatch vs sedan

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Viewer Advisory: I know it isn't recommended to tow, this isn't the discussion I want, I just need to know the difference in the tail light harnesses and electrical requirements

So I need to hook up a towing light kit and I do not want to use those universal splice kits. Right now the only custom T harness plug and play units for the 2017s are for the Coupe model (oddly enough) and the sedans. I'm wondering what the differences are between those and my hatch, I find it hard to believe the taillight plugs would be different, nor the electrical requirements, and I'm hoping this is just a testing or publishing oversight on the part of the manufacturers. If it's just wire length, I could modify the kits.

Coupe kit: Curt T-Connector Honda Civic - 56324

Sedan kit: TEKONSHA T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector Item # 118686

Hatch kit: no love

Sorry can't post links yet

I was thinking about just ordering one (sedan is on back-order), but would appreciate any advice, thanks.
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here are 3 options...
Problem is, those are universal splice-in kits, they do not have the tail light plugs despite being called "custom".
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