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Proud owner of a MY 2020 Honda Civic hatchback 10th gen, 1.5 Turbo VTEC manual transmission Sport Plus EU version. It's got 850 km now. Great car but it's got a bad problem. Sometimes the transmission won't go in reverse gear at all or else it's just hard to get in. When the engine is off it's way easier to get it in reverse. When the engine is on and the car is in neutral and then I try to put it in reverse, sometimes there's no way to pull the shifter down in R. If it's in first gear and then I try to put it in reverse it's a little bit smoother but still hard. This might just be an impression though.
So I brought the car to the dealer earlier today and they told me it's normal. How the f can they say that's normal as it's clearly not normal. What they told me exactly was that the reverse gear on the Civic doesn't have the syncronizer/selector whatever and it's gonna get better by time. Yea let me guess it's gonna get better when the warranty ends?
Now I'm wondering is this happening to you all as it's supposed to be normal or does it only affect a bunch of unfortunate 10th gen Civic?
So if you were me what would you do now?
Thanks for the attention.

P.S.: no problem at all with forward gears.
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