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Trunk Lid insulator?

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Do any of the 10th gen civics come with a trunk lid insulator? I know in the 8th and 9th gen only a few trims had them.
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Is this a thing? I've never heard of it. I am assuming for heat. Though insulation should work on both heat and sound.

And why would you need it?
It's the black carpeting that covers up the inside of the trunk lid. Just like what you would see underneath a hood expect in the trunk. It's mainly for looks.
I assume that would be standard. Don't think I've ever seen a naked trunk lid before and I found a picture of the trunk lid's interior. Looks like it's covered on the interior trunk lid.

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It's hard to tell from that picture but it kind of looks like it has one. Only a few of the 8th and 9th gen civic's came with a trunk lid insulator. And the coupes didn't have them at all. While it isn't necessary it really finishes off the look of the trunk.
i have the EX-T and it has insulation in the trunk
I assume trunk insulation comes standard these days as I haven't seen one without it.
I haven't read about that in any list of features or whatnot. I would assume its included. And if it wasn't, I wouldn't care that much. I mean, people do not look at the inside of the trunk lid very often.
Hello Sir, do you know where to buy the trunk lid insulator. The civic sedan 18 cvt released in the Philippines has no insulator
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