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I've hauled bikes, kayaks, canoes, etc for years. Have tried all kinds of carriers. In my opinion, for bikes, the best are hitch mounted racks. I was a die hard roof top guy for a long time until I came around. Hitch rack for the win. Easiest to load/unload bikes. Easiest to remove the rack. Low air resistance when loaded. Many advantages and few disadvantages. Just my 2c.

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Yes, the one in the image above. I don't want to mess up the paint on the trunk.

There are pros and cons to each [trunk mount vs. trailer hitch].

Pros for Both:
Able to carry a bike from point A to point B.

Cons for both:
It is required to physically attach something to your car

Pros for trailer hitch:
Doesn't touch car.

Cons for trailer hitch:
Will have a trailer hitch attached.
Requires modification to the car....effecting the plastic airflow thing under the car.
Requires effort to attach it to the hitch mount.
Can be rather expensive.

Pros for trunk rack:
Puts on and takes of easy enough.
No modifications needed.
Cheaper than hitch mount.

Cons for trunk rack:
Has straps and bumpers touching paint.
Still requires a bit of effort to put it on.

Do you have any pros or cons for each that I may have overlooked?
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