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Turbo oil smell??

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After test driving an EX-L 1.5, I smelled something like burning oil from the vents (it was on heat).

Not sure if this particular vehicle has been abused as a test drive vehicle, but I hope this is not the norm after pushing the turbo a little for acceleration.
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Totally normal for a new engine to smell, the hoses, gaskets, heatshields, catalytic converter, you name it all has slight residue and or off gassing that occurs when they first heat up and cool down. After a couple weeks of driving it has all burned in and then will be fine. Nothing at all to worry about.

My HRV smelled oily when I first test drove it, three days later you'd never know it. My CRV I got off the lot with 2 miles on it and it stunk bad but was fine within days. Normal.
I have heard that "new car smell" is very unhealthy to breathe, especially the vinyl, flame retardant and outgassing plastic. When I get my HATCHBACK, I'm going to be the guy driving around town while wearing scuba gear. OK, maybe not.
So that's where the new car smell comes from. Ride around with the windows down for a while? If it's winter where you are, bundle up and be that guy who rides with their windows down.
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