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CEO's of major automakers are typically in some way shape or form, Car People. That doesn't mean they have to own a car...

Honda's new CEO Takahiro Hachigo doesn't personally own any car currently, but he is most certainly a car guy. “Unfortunately, I don't have a car now. But I want to buy the Civic Type R,” said Hachigo-san and reported by Automotive News.

Hachigo-san returned to Japan in March after spending years overseas, he has been relying on a Honda VTR250 to runabout whenever he feels the urge.

That Honda's newest CEO has a staunch love affair with the Civic Type R is somewhat unsurprising. The man is a self professed car nut, “I joined Honda because I loved cars and driving,” said Hachigo-san.

He aims to bake his love of cars and driving back into the Honda formula, coincidental that the two Honda's Hachigo-san admires most are the new S660 and Civic Type R?
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