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Greetings all,

The front under engine cover of my daughter's 2018 2.0l Sedan fell off.
No, no one failed to secure it during oil change.

I haven't seen the damaged shield yet, my daughter is in school, but it is clear in pictures that it is damaged, although I don't know how severe.
After it happened, a good samaritan took the shield off of the car so she could drive. I don't know if he unscrewed the remaining screws or if he ripped it off the car, but she went to a local mechanic after that who re-attached it with some kind of standard fasteners.
Yesterday she went to change her oil and they told her they could not put it back with the screwes that it was attached with. She wanted to go back to the first shop to put it back before her drive home (about 600 miles) but I am leaning towards not doing that since I am not sure which screws he used and to avoid possible additional damage that will prevent me from fixing it properly.

This is the damaged piece:

Product Tool Automotive exterior Rectangle Hood

My first question is, is there any problem, other than bottom of engine/engine bay gets dirty, driving without it for a while?

Second question: for the life of me, I cannot find that piece anywhere. The part number on the shield is 74114 TBA. It clearly shows this numner:

Automotive tire Grey Automotive lighting Rim Bumper

This piece is nowhere to be found in any Honda Parts web site. The closest thing they show is 74110 and if I am not mistaken they show the entire "under engine" mount:

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Asphalt Automotive wheel system

I don't need the whole thing, all I need (if I won't be able to fix it/bring back to "mountable" status) is the front shield itself:

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting Automotive design Font

How is it possible that this part cannot be found anywhere?

Thank you.
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