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upcoming 2016 Civic owner

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As soon as the coupes comes out in March I will start haggling with the local dealers.

At this point I am going with the touring in white with grey interior. Thought I might like the Steel or Cosmic Blue when looking at the brochure but both were too dark when you see them in person.

I drove both the turbo and the 2.0/CVT and just putting did not feel much difference but the sales guy was in the car and I did not push it. Currently have a 97 EX Civic coupe, (soon to go to my daughter) and a my V6 EX 06 Accord that my wife has claimed. Have had in the past a first gen Prelude and twin cam del Sol briefly that went to my son as his first car.

I have not driven any of the competition but as you can tell I am a Honda guy. Looking forward to seeing the new Coupes.
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Welcome to the forum! A few of us here are like you, waiting for the coupe to come out and then seeing if they can get a good deal from haggling.
Great to have you.

I am waiting until it seems like all the issues are ironed out of the Civic before actually moving forward on a purchase.

Any idea what price you want to aim for when you do go into to haggle?
Welcome. Let us know when you start the buying and haggling process. Are you the type to making modifications or additions to your car?
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