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USB Music

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As a dedicated music fan (I have over 300 G of recorded music on my computer) I can't tell you how much I enjoy having the ability to make so much music portable and accessible (I grew up after all in the LP era, when you had perhaps 25 minutes of uninterrupted music before you had to flip the album and your only mobile option was the dreaded eight track).
In addition to the Carplay and Bluetooth technology I appreciate the ability to load a flash drive and access that. However, I have noticed that the folders are accessed in the order they were loaded. Is there any other option anyone is aware of?
Thanking you all in advance,

The Old Man (still trying to figure out how to program that **** VCR!)
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Not sure about the flash drive, but I play music from my iPhone on Shuffle through the Bluetooth or Apple CarPlay (when I'm in the mode to cram my hands into the compartment and plug in my phone).
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