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We are in Thailand so am wondering if other countries have the same problem.

We have an RS Turbo, about a month old. When the Android phone is plugged into either the 1.5A or the 1.0A USB socket, if the phone is been used for say Maps.Google the phone battery charge will not be maintained.

Today we complained to the dealer who said, as they would, that no one had ever complained before but that they would contact Honda for advice.

I have on order a 'cord' which goes between the USB and the phone which will show mA and Volts, so at present I don't know what the USB is giving.

Has anyone else had experience of their USB not maintaining phone battery charge please. If I use the 12V (with adapter) as USB supply then things are a bit better.

Also, as is common here, we have the e-brake bypass so as to be able to mirror Maps.google onto the screen. And that drops out sometimes, so I suspect the USB outlet gets interrupted. Probably need to use a Power Pack, not very good as the RS Civic is not exactly cheap over here.

Thanks guys.
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