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Volkswagen Das Auto (with Das Cheating Software)

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Been following the news about Volkswagen like a disastertourist lately.
I'm really amused as I must say.
(in short: Volkswagen in crisis after scandal leaking
where they deliberately used cheating software to lower emissions during tests
while their dieselcars emission levels on the road are so much higher in realtime
America discovered and unveiled this fraude, GOD BLESS AMERICA)

anyway they say in the news that all car manufactures cheat
trying to lower their dieselemissionlevels on their cars.
Could Honda have done this as well?
considering their dieselmarket is extremely limited to
the 1.6 here in Europe and the 1.5 in India (if I'm not mistaken)

Any thoughts? I'm just bitten by the idea of just the possibility.
Volkswagen is looking at the biggest fine ever: 18billion dollars
and their marketvalue has dropped a whoooole lot.
They just put aside over 6 billion euro's to cover the first part of this financial misery :surprise:
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Couple good reads I came across

How a defeat device works http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry/vw-emissions-scandal-how-volkswagens-defeat-device-works

Modern cars are smart right, that above link makes an dextremely valid point, you don't think these things know that they're cruising along at 4,000 RPM while standing still... It was inevitable that automakers would engineer for the test and not for the real world, when the importance is placed on the test thats where resources go. Same thing happens with the crash tests...

And this one is more about the organizational decisions that need to happen internally... https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/vw-e...onime-blanc?trk=hp-feed-article-title-comment
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People care about emissions, but not to the point that they would sacrifice performance, and especially fuel efficiency. It's about finding something that meets your needs, and then after that people look at things like emissions. All things equal, I'd rather choose the vehicle that pollutes less.

For some people, emissions would take higher priority, but for most it is more of a second tier consideration.
emissions don't matter, fuel consumption does. Emissions don't have a dollar value that come out of your bank account. Fuel economy does...
Hows this for you guys, dieselgate expands to marine engines now... VW owns MAN


I.M. Skaugen has decided to publicize the case, filed in a Singapore court in July, because it sees similarities between MAN's handling of the ship engine tests under VW ownership and the German company's response to the biggest scandal in its 78-year history, caused by cheating diesel car emissions tests.
Once there is a crack, it spreads quickly. Increased scrutiny will reveal more lies and deceptions. It's just sad.

Shipping is the source of a lot of emissions too, so this compounded with the other scandal is starting to add up to a pretty significant amount of pollution.
Shipping is already the main source of pollution. Maybe if we could curb our appetite for cheap Chinese goods... but globalisation is a good thing, almost forgot ;)
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