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Waiting for the R...

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Hi everyone. I'm a long time Honda fan. I've had an Accord, Civic and 3 Del Sols. I have loved them all.

I had an itch for a new car 2 years ago, but there wasn't a Honda I was interested in. I went to the dark side and got a Scion FR-S. It's a fun car, but I am ready to come back to Honda. I would trade my FR-S for a Type R in a heartbeat.

Gimmie a Type R, Honda. I am bored with my car.

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I always said that if the FRS had a Honda engine (like the F20C from S2K), it would be an awesome car. Other than that, really love the look, price and the huge aftermarket support.

Well the Type R is probably about a year or more away, based on Honda's official statement of releasing four models in the next 18 months, as of last month.

To be honest, while everyone is waiting and wanting a Type R, if the new Si does come with the R's 2.0l Turbo engine (detuned to around 240HP), it will probably the best buy for most. Especially since it will be under $25K.
I agree. The thing I miss most is a rev-happy Honda engine. I can do without the boxer's low center of gravity.

A 240 horsepower Si would be nice, but I would always want the Type R if it became available.

It's going to be a long wait.
A delay of a year or more gives me more time to enjoy our 9gen Si and its relative newness. Too cool a car to just have for a year. Seems like 3 years is an average time for that newness to wear off enough to consider a trade.
You make a good point. I don't usually get a first model year. I wait for any bugs to get worked out. I should go test drive a 2015 Si.
LOL ive never heard for somone ask for a higher CoG...
It does sound silly, but it's more than worth it for a Honda engine.
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