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Waze and Tunein Pro - Andoid Auto

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Hi , how to install Waze on android auto , and I tunein radio pro does not appear in android auto
waze and TuneIn are installed in my phone but does not appear in android auto
when I plug my phone
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Can't imagine that they would ever allow the most popular nav app to be used in their system. Just not the way for major manufacturers. Would be great though. Hope I'm wrong.
I don't think Waze has been developed to work with carplay or andriod auto yet. but if someone has figured it out, please let us know.
Waze is owned by Google and it still does not work with Android Auto. Dumbest thing ever IMO.

It would be easier to figure out how to just mirror the phone screen and be done with it I think.
Yeah mirroring is the only chance for now. Perhaps sanity will permeate them someday but not too likely for a while.

We can mirror to some degree on Gen 9 through the HDMI. Still have to do all inputs on the phone but it's so nice to be able to watch WAZE or anything on the car's screen.

So smart young people, figure out mirroring for us and the manufacturers can waste their millions on whatever they want.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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