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Weather tech floor mats 2nd row

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Thanks for pointing this out. Winter is ending so they aren't really going to be needed until next year, but it's good to now. :D
May as well get them anyways and have it ready for next winter or days when you go somewhere muddy and wet.
Indeed best to get them now. Off peak is when its best to get this stuff rather then when EVERYONE is trying at the same time. At least this way you'll get the best turn around time.
Not only is the 2nd row liners available now, a trunk liner is also available as well.

They are even available at the Canadian branch for Canucks like me. But the front + back row package is working out to be $7 cheaper.
About time they got the full set available.

Good chance some Honda dealers will carry it, some stores and dealerships have Weather Tech stands with various mats hanging on them for display. Easiest way to get them right now if in stock instead of waiting.
Husky has them also I bought front and back for $78
Huskies are also great. Have had them in my pickup since 1997. That's 19 years and still going strong! Don't need that much protection in a Civic though.
didnt know if anybody posted already but my mats came in finally


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They look nice! I was debating on husky or weathertech. Ended up ordering the weathertech. Looks like the weathertech have higher walls on the sides
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Weather tech is almost always a good brand to go with and often time when i see people comparing it to husky, they end up going for the weather tech mats.
I have used Weathertech matts for years, and currently have them in my 2010 Insight to be traded in on the new 2016 EX-T. They are the gray color and have performed well, except for dark stains which have been impossible to remove. However, after seeing the pictures here how poorly the new ones fit in the Civic, I have almost decided to purchase the Husky brand. Did you notice in these pictures here how in the front foot wells have a one (?) inch gap from the inside door sill to the beginning side of the matt? And in the rear it looked like at least a two inch gap which exposes the carpet on the side of the matt. From prior experience with the Weathertech matts, I have also found on the driver's floorliner, the far left footrest is only covered half way up. I have had salt and snow on my shoes drip down behind the matt/floor liner onto the carpet in that area. Reading this form I learned the Husky floorliner covers the entire footrest. Price not withstanding ($40 less for the front and rear set) I may be switching to Husky floor liners for this new car. I would like to hear from a Husky owner if they fit better than the very poor fit of the Weathertechs shown in these pictures above.
What are your thoughts?
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Thanks for pointing out the husky brand, which I didn't come across.

I got my brother the full set of weather tech for his civic (front, rear and cargo) - love the fitting of it. It's perfection.
Weathertech fit

Hello Fredlee - On your brother's car for the front Weathertech matts, do their sides fit up against the inside door sill, or is there a large gap exposing the carpet as the pictures above show?
My daughter just got the full front and rear Weathertechs and very nice fit. I have them in all 3 cars we have, 2015 Cicic Si coupe, 2015 CRV EX and 2016 Civic EX.
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