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Weird fog/ condensation on rear window?

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I've had my Civic since November and get a fog on my rear window in the area of the brake light. Rear defrost does not clear it. If I wipe it away, it will come back in a day or two. Trunk is not wet, no signs of leaks. While it was in for the recall or software update, I had my local Honda service look into it. Of course they found nothing. The service rep said he has the same issue with his 2016 Accord Sport and he has contacted Honda about his and again, no answers. Anyone else have this issue?
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I've had this issue on multiple vehicles.. always thought it was the norm ... would love to hear if anyone actually has reasoning for this
Oily film? Out-gassing from the plastic parts as they are exposed to the heat from sunlight, probably.
Oily film? Out-gassing from the plastic parts as they are exposed to the heat from sunlight, probably.
Good point. Is the car parked outside or in a garage? My Brother-In-Law has a black Escape that is parked outside with a cover and it off gassed so badly that everything inside was sticky from the vinyl bits offgassing when it was new. Took forever to get things cleaned up. Dealer was no help whatsoever.
it is parked in a garage and outside. The film is not oily but rather moist. And annoying! I would think the plastic theory would make sense but it is only in one area around the third brake light. My husbands 2011 Explorer and 2016 F150 get a greasy film on the windows, all of them. But its not like that. Ill try to get a picture to show.
I always assumed that was just condensation caused by the different temperature on the outside and inside of the car in the mornings.
Never dealt with gassing of any sort like that... has anyone cleaned the windows real good to see if anything grimey comes off ?
I have the same problem. If it was just moisture, the defroster would clear it. It doesn't wipe off easily with a micro cloth and covers an area wider then the aux brake light. I think out gassing is the most likely reason. I'm hoping it goes away at some point.
You guys should check out some automotive detailing forums to see what's being said about situations like this, could be a matter of some cheap house hold product that will cut right through and allow the glass to be cleaned with regular glass cleaner how it should.
I had this problem and cleaned it with Stoners Invisible and its completely clear now and it hasn't come back.
Problem solved then lol, clean your darn windows real well and all will be fine !
I had this problem with my civic too, back in 2005 and in 2016, when it fogs up, wired patterns show up, it appears as if when the protective film from the rear window was taken off by Honda, it was pulled off with jerks who pulled it and then stopped inbetween then pulled hard again and stopped again. Or the sticky tape was not cleaned properly.
So it has that sort of reside marks from the film and it just wasn't cleaned off kind of thing ?
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