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Which 2016 Civic Sedan Trim are you getting?

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I test drove just a Touring today. I was a bit surprised that the engine makes quite a bit of like a wheezing noise when you punch it. Sitting in the car did feel like being in a Civic and the car didn't feel too big. Also I did notice the turbo lag. I was at a couple stop signs and punched it and noticed it does take at least 1 sec (maybe 1.5 seconds) for it to take off. It's definitely peppy once it gets going. The leather interior was OK to me, definitely not something I'd compare to a Lexus, but it felt. Android Auto interface was snappy and responsive and the volume controls are convenient to get to on the UI (it's always there). My two passengers with me felt that the ride was really comfortable, smooth, and quiet compared to my 02' civic. I'm curious to see what other color offerings they have. I only saw black and MSM and they looked boring and lifeless (maybe because they were ridded with dusty rain spots). Rear view visibility was a bit narrower than I would have liked it to be when using the mirrors (so I guess that's where using the backup camera comes into play!).

Initially I was set on getting a Touring, but I think I'm now leaning towards the EX-L because I really don't see myself using all those extra features that the Touring has. The only main selling point was the 450 watt audio system and I can't justify spending an extra $3k for it. Also I just feel like the extra features just become extra points of failures and potential repairs since I wouldn't be using them much. I'm curious to see how it looks in other colors in person when more inventory comes in (the whites, silver, blues, and red).
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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