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Car: 2016 Civic TouringWhat I love best:
That great 38 MPG that I get in summertime (35 in winter)
The brisk acceleration when the turbo kicks in,
The absolutely marvelous CVT transmission. Always in the right gear, even when going downhill. Quiet and smooth. May be the best transmission ever.
The tight cornering.
Superb braking, over and over.
The remote starter that always works, and turns on defrost automatically
How the infotainment remembers when I'm listening to a story from my phone and picks right up where I left.
The truly excellent Garmin map system, finds stores, restaurants, whatever. Just touch the map and the system directs you there.
The no cap gas cap
Rain sensing wipers that sense so beautifully I can leave them on
LED headlights are fantastic
Rear seat warmers! In a Civic.

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I like all those things and more.

Except the rain sensing wipers. They have trouble with mist and the spray thrown off of cars in front of me and sometimes go into hyperdrive when I take off from a light or stay on even when I've entered the parking garage and it is dry. I find myself turning them off and on to "reset" them, and that helps a little. I'd rather have the old variable selector.
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