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WiFi connectivity issues

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Can anyone help, I've tried to tether to my civic and have been unsuccessful, it recognizes my samsung S6 but gives me a dialog that says unable to add device with WiFi access point mode please check the settings on your device, I entered the mac address from the car as an allowed device and retried and nothing.
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you can try a few things.
1. make sure your cell provider has wifi tether option turned on
2. turn off "allowed devices only" to allow all devices and see if it connect.

i have 2016 ex and have zero problem tethering with my note 5.
I thought it was either Bluetooth connection or USB connection (for Carplay/Android auto).

What is the purpose of Wifi tethering? I don't see what you would accomplish doing this
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Thanks I resolved the issue, I made a mistake while entering the mac address it connects fine now and my hot spot connection is not open.
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I dunno if right now I will break some rules by bumping this thread, but thank you OP. You gave me an idea and I've solved a similar problem with my Wi-Fi. Too bad I can't handle even this kind of stuff without external help. I wish I were smarter. My cousin got Cisco Certification not so long ago and now he's a certified network engineer. I guess I will ask him to share some reading with me or something. Because I think that in the 21-St century everyone should have a knowledge about stuff like that.
While connecting hotspot on civic make sure your vehicale is stop.
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