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Will Civic keep people from Accord?

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2 inches wider
1.2 inch longer

Has the growth now made civic a viable alternative to accord? People who NEED what the accord offers wont blink at the 10th for sure, but what about those who bought accord because its bigger and more upscale then a civic sedan?

Is civic nation growing up? LOL
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I think that they are still different enough, but yes, the two vehicles could be cross shopped at this point. There will be a lot of people who will be considering both.
That was one thing I was concerned about after hearing about how it will easily seat 6 foot passengers in the rear and even come with things like a heated rear seat (optional) and that's not something you commonly see in this segment, more of an Accord segment feature.
I think people who didn't NEED the accord already cross shopped the civic and accord. I know i did. The cost difference compared to the features available made some difference.

Now with the 1.5T making 174 horses (11 shy of the accord base model) in a lighter weight car, the next accord is gonna need a power bump to keep it's performance ahead of the civic.
This is the dilemma that I've been facing for the last few days.

If you could buy the 2016 Accord for roughly the same price as the all-new Civic, what would you do?

I got an incredible offer of 23,700 (total MSRP) for the Accord EX w/ sensing. I'm flushed with nearby dealerships and they're very competitive. It also helps to live in Ohio, where the car is made. This price is roughly the same as the Civic EX w/ sensing. Not only that, If I lease I will save $50/month more on the Accord due to the difference in residual value.

Although the new Civic looks very impressive and sporty, I'm not as driven by the sportiness as most others on this forum. The new design of the Accord really draws to me as well. I really like the new tail lights and the LED fog lights.

I'm sure the all-new Civic with start be priced competitively against the Accord eventually. But any meaningful discounts will take years.

I've had my heart set on Civic since I saw the Concept back in April, but I feel that this offer is too good to pass.
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The longer wheelbase and interior volume will keep people flocking to the Accord. Very, very little cannibalization risk...
The civic is still a much smaller car than the accord. Even with it's increased width and interior dimensions. The pics from the detroit event with Mendel standing next to the car talking shows that it really didn't grow as much as everyone was worried about and the perceived length was more an optical illusion because of the fastback styling.

People who still want/need a substantially larger car, inside and out, with a more powerful engine and somewhat more upscale features/interior will still go to the accord first.

Let's not forget the accord is due for a redesign in a couple of years and it'll be adopting the new platform as well, and probably even more standard features across the trim line to push i back up to compete with the more recently updated midsize cars. So any sales losses to the accord now would only be for another couple years until the new accord is on lots. The accord sells in huge volume, as does the civic. A few sales traded back and forth between the two will barely make a blip on the their radar.
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If you want a hybrid, you have to go with the Accord.
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If you want a hybrid, you have to go with the Accord.
for now...>:)
for now...>:)
True. I don't see them bringing the natural gas civic back, but i'm sure honda might end up making a new civic hybrid down the road a bit using the new 2 motor system the CRZ and Accord have. Heck, a civic hatchback with the hybrid setup could be considered a good replacement for the insight in honda's lineup and even good competition for the prius in some regards.
Natural gas seems to be something that will phase out, hybrids are going to be the biggest thing if not already and it will be what will go mainstream before the next wave, EV's, come to market. Plus owning a hybrid is quite practical.
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