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This is the dilemma that I've been facing for the last few days.

If you could buy the 2016 Accord for roughly the same price as the all-new Civic, what would you do?

I got an incredible offer of 23,700 (total MSRP) for the Accord EX w/ sensing. I'm flushed with nearby dealerships and they're very competitive. It also helps to live in Ohio, where the car is made. This price is roughly the same as the Civic EX w/ sensing. Not only that, If I lease I will save $50/month more on the Accord due to the difference in residual value.

Although the new Civic looks very impressive and sporty, I'm not as driven by the sportiness as most others on this forum. The new design of the Accord really draws to me as well. I really like the new tail lights and the LED fog lights.

I'm sure the all-new Civic with start be priced competitively against the Accord eventually. But any meaningful discounts will take years.

I've had my heart set on Civic since I saw the Concept back in April, but I feel that this offer is too good to pass.
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