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Picked up a 21' Sport Touring hatch 3 months ago, not a manual, but i'm still happy with it so far. Looking for a set of steelies for winter. I need studded tires for the area i live but i don't wanna drop 5 bills on a pair 18 inch studded winter treads. Found a set of clean 15 inch steel wheels from a 2004 CRV for sale. Google says the offset on the 04' CRV wheels is 55mm. 21' Civic offset is listed as 35mm-48mm. I don't care how they look, just looking for a cheaper option for winter tires and to save my alloys from the road salt.

Looking for a little guidance before i decide to drive 90 minutes to pull a wheel off my hatch and find that they hit the caliper.

Any idea if they'll fit?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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