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I bought a new HRV at basic MSRP price, but they gave me over 2k for an early turn in of my prior leased CRV so I did fine on that deal. I also did get a good price when leasing my CRV by using Edmunds dealer contact feature, I contacted 3 dealers on there for a quote with accessories and toke the middle quote to my dealer and said I don't even care if you match the lowest one, just the one in the middle. They did and I was happy to purchase from my local guy. For the HRV I did not haggle, dealers are not moving much as they are selling like hot cakes and people are waiting a couple months to even get one. Dealer has zero reason to deal on those.

On new cars it is very, very hard to get a "deal". What you might try is finding a couple accessories, like all weather floor mats or whatever and try to get those thrown in or half off. More margin in the accessories than the sale at some points and they have more flexibility in pricing of those for the dealer. If it is something you'd purchase anyway this is your best bet for getting a little better deal when the cars are new.

Year two and three you can deal easily, first year not so much while new and Hot.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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