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Will the 6MT cars come with Honda Sensing?

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I know that you cant get the Honda sensing right now on an LX with a Manual.

So do you think when the 6MT is rolled out across all lines that you will be able to get the Honda Sensing package with a manual trans?

Im also curious as to whether or not the Si manual will come with it?

I really want all that stuff, but i also REALLY want a 6MT.
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Looking to the Accord for answers, my guess will be no... the sensing will not be available on the 6MT versions of the civic. ALL the sensing Accords only come in the CVT option. It probably has something to do with the computer not being able to control the cluth and gears being manual operation only.

Same goes for the base LX civic sedan. The sensing packaged LX is only available with the CVT.
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