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Window problem?

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Hi everyone, new here hope everyone is enjoying their new Civic Hatch!

I have the black LX in Canada and I noticed on two occasions when I came back to the car, all the windows were open about an inch..

Is this happening because I pressed the unlock button twice, or an irregular issue?

Thanks in advance!
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It's because you press the unlock button twice or held it down a bit longer than needed.
The feature is not very well known and you're not the first person to come across it. http://www.10thcivicforum.com/forum/169-2016-honda-civic-problems-issues/13129-why-do-windows-my-2016-civic-lx-sedan-open-automatically.html

Hope this helps!
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Yes it sounds like your activating the all down feature with the unlock button on the key. On my key I have to press twice and hold on third. You could reprogram your door locks to all open on one press or have the dealer remove the all down option if you don't think it's something you will use.
Can't really imagine when I would need the all down option and accidentally opening all the windows on a rainy day is going to stink.
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