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Windshield Wiper Size

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Hey all,

I was wondering what size the windshield wipers on the 2016 Civic come in. There's a $10 cash back offer at Advance Auto Parts for a pair of Bosch Icons, and I wanted to take advantage of that offer before it expired since I don't have my Civic yet!
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Honda sayeth:

Designed to cover the maximum possible windshield area, the left (driver) and right (front passenger) windshield wipers (intermittent on EX and above trims) are 25.5 inches and 18 inches long, respectively.
After seeing how well the OEM blades are holding up on Black Betty, I'm wondering if I'll ever buy aftermarket wiper blades for the Civic. I have three year old Bosch Icons on the '03 Protege5 and they are not doing as well as the ones on the '13 Civic, which will be three years old in March. I just stopped by the dealership and purchased a new set of refills for Black Betty for when I do need them. $16 with all sales taxes for both refills.
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$16 is a pretty good deal for wipers. I usually go aftermarket instead of OEM with a set of Michelin wiper blades.
Do you guys noticed that these have to be broken in? and/or that they require some movement from sitting still for an extended period of time before working how they should? I heard Bosch wipers can be like this due to the type of rubber on them.
No, not really. They work better with sufficient moisture. If there is just a wee bit of drops both the OEM AND THE BOSCH will skip or drag across the glass. I never noticed new ones not working well when new.
I noticed that the driver's side wipers is 25.5. Can I buy a 26? I am getting a great deal on rain x wipers. This is for the 2016 civic of course
I was told at the dealership that If I need to change the wipers they will change the rubber blade inside the wiper instead of the whole wiper. Is this true?
Yes its called a refill, I use to put a new set in my 99 hatch every year for 13 years, it was under ten dollars for the two. Then I bought a set of Michelin blades at Costco for ten dollars each for my wifes vehicle and thats all I use now. I have had them on three vehicles and have yet to replace a set. The new Civic blades would clean the window well but when snowing it would build up on the blades and leave trails of water behind , the Michelins are an all season blade.
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For 10th Gen blades are available in USA. In Canada only arm assemblies. I'm talking from Honda dealerships.Correct me if I'm wrong.
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