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Wireless apple carplay?

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I am wondering if the 2016 will get an update for wireless carplay since it's available or does it need to be built in ? maybe 2017 model? This would be great since I work on the road and jump in and out of my car at least 20 times a day. Anyone know ?
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I was told Carplay (and Android Auto) are data intensive and require a physical USB connection.

You can always connect with Bluetooth for phone calls / music but you won't be able to do maps and other Carplay options.
But wireless Carplay was announced already. Am I missing something?
Yes, announced many months ago, but never seen in action. Apple cannot make the wired version work well so I'm not holding my breath on the wireless version hitting anytime soon. Couple years would be my guess before it is in cars.
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After a few google searches, it sounds like there will be an update to iOS9, AND there will need to be an update to the Vehicle unit. So unfortunately this is probably months away after testing by Honda (and other mfgrs).
unfortunately this is probably months away after testing by Honda (and other mfgrs).
History suggests this could make it model years away from introduction to production vehicles. Seems sporty to get your hopes up about this ever making it into 2016 Civics since there hasn't even been a bug fix to Display Audio yet.
I noted on another post how I am starting to really not like my Civic Touring any more. The audio has been a nightmare. It only works about 25% of the time. It has nothing to do with Apple Carplay. It does not work even with my iphone turned off. It's going back to the dealer tomorrow for the third time.
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