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wiring diagram for civic?

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does anyone know were i can find the wiring diagram for the new 2016 civic?
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The only thing that can be found right now are owners manuals, wiring diagrams, service manuals, etc, usually take some time to leak. Don't think Honda will let us buy them, at least right now.

Exactly what did you need the wiring diagram to do?
looking for the wire that turns on the rear tail lights. (not the brake ones) but the ones that turn on red tail lights on the trunk lid.
Honda no longer sells service publications. They rent online access to the information though. https://techinfo.honda.com.

If you get to the connector, you can probably figure that one out with a voltmeter.
I haven't seen one out for the 2016. I think the last one I came across was the 2013-2014. Fairly new for 2016, perhaps down the road it'll be out. :)
Resurrecting this one from the dead...

Looking for a few reasons:

1) left/right turn signal wiring. Looking for a switched constant signal from the stalk. Otherwise I have to tap the wire to the light itself and use a delay relay (on each side) to trigger some aftermarket blind spot cameras.

2) wiring up a line level converter to add a subwoofer. Prefer to do this inside the dash, not a fan of snaking long unnecessary lengths of wire (for many reasons).

General wiring diagrams would be very helpful! Those with connector labels and locations would be even better.
Any help appreciated!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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