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Yet another Seattleite :)

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Hey everyone!

I don't own a Honda just yet, but I'm waiting (impatiently) for the new '16 Civic Coupe! I've been in touch with a salesman to let me know when I'm able to put down a deposit, but haven't heard anything yet.

Looking forward to seeing them IRL!
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I'm out in Duvall. I just got the Touring two weeks ago, from Burien Honda. They were generally easy, but I had to ask for the 1.99% financing. Recommended.

Love the car so far! Many trips to Bellevue and Seattle. Best of all, my gas mileage is only slightly less than my old Prius. :)
So will this be your first Honda then? What has drawn you to the Civic Nation?
Welcome to the forum! I'm waiting for the coupe too and we should hear about the pricing soon.
Do you have an idea as to what trim you'll want? Some guys I know ONLY want the Si and nothing else, unless there will be something higher this time around (Type R).
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